The International Development Bank was established in 2011 with an initial capital of 100 billion Iraqi Dinars - today a paid-up capital of 250 billion IQD (equivalent to 210 million US Dollars) - and quickly rose to establish itself among leading banks, both locally and regionally, offering commercial banking services to both corporate and retail clients. 

The bank’s initial shareholders were mainly members of the Khalaf Abed Kareem family, together with a number of Iraqi investors. While the Khalaf Abed Kareem family remains the biggest shareholder (61% of total equity), the number of shareholders have grown to include more than 100 holders of common shares that have been listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange since 2018.

Under the leadership of the Chairman of our Board of Directors, Mr. Ziad Khalaf Abed Kareem, who institutionalized firm foundations and principles for operations, IDB was able to acquire a significant market share of the total trade finance business, electronic cards issuing and overall local banking market.

With Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering mandating as two autonomous departments within the bank, and Ernst & Young as external auditors for the years 2017- 2019, we ensure both accuracy and transparency of all operations.

We are currently represented in all major provinces of Iraq, including Iraqi Kurdistan, through our 15 branches and more than 550 employees, 220 ATMs and 3,000 POS across Iraq, along with offices in Beirut and Dubai. As per the Board of Directors’ approved strategy, we aim to have a network of 25 all-inclusive branches in the country, as well as more than 300 ATMs installed and 10,000 POS by the end of 2022.

IDB has positively contributed to the reconstruction of Iraq through financing mega projects across various sectors, with a total lending sum exceeding IQD 450 billion (equivalent to more than 375 million USD dollars) in the form of direct and indirect credit facilities. IDB also participated actively in the SMEs Financing Initiatives stipulated by the Central Bank of Iraq through financing projects with a total sum exceeding 10 billion Iraqi dinars (equivalent to 8 million US dollars) throughout various provinces in Iraq during 2017.

During the years 2016-2018, IDB attained an “Issuing and Acquiring” license from Mastercard and Visa, becoming the first Iraqi bank with the ability to issue all types - debit, credit and prepaid - of electronic bank cards.

And most recently, IDB signed an MoU with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, becoming the first private bank in the country to do so. The partnership will enable the bank’s clients to access financial services, such as loans and trade financing, empowering Iraq’s private sector and promoting economic growth.

Having knitted together a strong relationship of trust with our clients, depositors and shareholders, IDB promises them to always maintain the bank’s image and vision through continuous development and contribution to the Iraqi local economy by strengthening our links with regional and international financial markets.