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On behalf of the members of the Board of Directors and myself, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our new and improved website, through which we aim to deliver important information and announcements, as well as our digital services.

Our online presence represents one of the most important means of communication we have with our customers; both in Iraq and abroad, as well as with external parties interested in exploring the history and services of the International Development Bank, as well as our latest activities and achievements.

Despite the economic difficulties our beloved Iraq experienced in recent years, the International Development Bank remains committed to the journey we began in 2011; which is becoming one of the region's leading and prominent banks.

Additionally, the International Development Bank aims to represent the Iraqi banking sector appropriately, and provide comprehensive banking services to the residents of Iraq, as well as local and foreign companies seeking to invest in the country.

Thanks to the abundance in natural and human resources, as well as its strategic geographical location, Iraq is today regarded to as one of the most promising countries and economies in the region, making it perfect for investment.

It is therefore that the International Development Bank is continuously concerned with developing its infrastructure, in terms of both the geographical distribution of branches and representative offices across the region, as well as attracting skilled bankers, integrating the latest banking technologies and establishing a worldwide network of corresponding banks. All of which contribute positively to the economic development of Iraq, helping the country regain its position at an Arab and international level.

Our promise to you, our clients and associates, is to always remain dedicated to further expanding our services portfolio and pioneers of the Iraqi digital banking frontier.

Last by not least, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude, on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors and myself, to our colleagues, the members of the Executive Management, at all levels, for their continuous effort and dedication to the bank’s vision, mission, and most importantly, our clients. Above all, we would like to express our appreciation of our clients for their trust in us and their invaluable partnership, for it’s for them and by them that we became a “title of excellence.”


Ziad Khalaf Abed Kareem
Chairman, International Development Bank